Mouse God is a portal/blog space for Artists, Scientists and Designers wishing to explore the bounds of what it is to survive in a world of diminishing resources governed by self interest . Who are we, how do we live together. What is the reasons we do things? How can we avoid the traps? How do we justfy the way we live? What will motivate us to live together without destruction? What can humans create with new tools and new possabilities?


The Wall Sticker Company has just released a range of my patterns as removable wallpaper. Try a room change at The Wall Sticker Company


I have completed several books of designs and art work which pull together some of the last 10 years of ideas.





Recent work

Mouse God Neo
Neo the innocent. The observer, the server, the individual and the silent masses
Mouse God number 5
God of getting things done. Dislikes politics, easy going hard working. Number 5 represents the third that all other Gods rely on to survive but holds the least amount of power for change.
Mouse God Ted
God of information. Ted picks up radio waves and relays them. Ted is information without bias.
Manipulator mouse
A manager of communications. Often referred to as the God of spin. He massages the facts and rationalizes ideas to the point of confusion. The Manipulator God often uses our worst fears to convince the majority he has the right answers.
God of Wrath
Often used by the manipulator to wreck havoc on others. This God is often known as the Hawk God and will eat mice for food. Somehow exists amongst the other gods without punishment.
Is a seemingly inoffensive God, often using her attractiveness to lure in a large fortune of the worlds capital. Makes out to be a neutral player but has no problem harboring the profits of criminals and despots. A safe harbor for the super rich.
MouseGod No.2
This is the trusty right hand God for Neo. Often working hard behind the scenes. This God harbor’s a deeper resentment about not being number one but until No2 sees a way forward will keep working hard. Is often a confident to Neo and will give advice making No2 quite influential.

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All prints are available for purchase enquire via email    All rights for the pictures, graphics and text appearing on this site are the copyright of Nic Robertson. 


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All prints are available for purchase enquire via email

All rights for the pictures, graphics and text appearing on this site are the copyright of Nic Robertson.